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Thank you to the Volunteer Vision Network members for generously donating their time and services, ensuring everyone in our community has access to vision care. This network is comprised of more than 90 volunteer Eye Care Professionals who provide vision care to those children and adults who are in financial need and qualify for the program.

Advanced Eye Care
Alissa Alterman, O.D.
Arlington Lions Club
Starlene Ashley
Atlantic Eye Institute
Baker Vision Care
W. Lee Ball, O.D.
Brian Beckmann
Janet A. Betchkal, M.D.
Brian Boggs
Bowden Eye & Associates
Frank Bowden, M.D.
Jeffery D. Brown, O.D.
John R. Buch, O.D./M.S.
C W Vision
Danielle Callegari, O.D.
Kristy L. Canavan, O.D.
James D. Chamberlain, O.D.
Clay Eye Physicians & Surgeons
Coastal Vision Center
Marquetta Conaway
Susan Corwin
Davalt Optical
Patty Davalt
Judy Deitrick
Mary DelCampo, O.D.
Dorothy E. Dobleo, O.D.
John P. Donovan, M.D.
Elizabeth Dow, O.D.
Donald M. Downer, M.D.
Charles Duss, M.D.
Dawn N. Duss, M.D.
Christine Elkhoury, O.D.
First Coast Retina Center
Florida Eye Specialists
Florida Retina Institute
Nancy Forrest
Mary Futch, O.D.
Robert Gerson, O.D.
The Gilbert Cataract Center
Walter Gilbert, M.D.
David A. Green, O.D.
Ruth Ann Ham
Clarence M. Harris, M.D.
Roger Hogan, O.D.
James Horning, O.D.
Greg Hunter, O.D.
Lee Hunter, M.D.
Melanie C. Javier, O.D.
Jax Vision Care
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care
P. Vernon Jones, M.D.
Diane Kapadia, O.D.
Kelly Kingsley
William J. Knauer, III, M.D.
Michael Kynn, O.D.
Fred H. Lambrou, Jr., M.D.
Gayle P. Leinwohl, O.D.
Margery Leonard
Lee Lester
Levenson Eye Associates
Jeffrey H. Levenson, M.D
Lawrence Levine, M.D.
Grace Levy-Clark, M.D.
Sing Your Li, M.D.
Marco Ophthalmic
Linda Marks, O.D.
Michael Mayers, O.D., F.A.O.O.
Tara McCann
Frank McDonald, M.D.
Caroline Miller
Kurt J. Moody, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Amanda Mooreland
Raul J. Moreno, M.D.
Suzanne Newman
Giovanna Olivares, M.D.
Vanessa Orta, O.D. LasikPlus
Brian L. Pall, O.D./M.S.
Russell A. Pecoraro, M.D.
Amber Powell
Michael A. Powers, O.D.
Kenneth D. Rappaport, M.D.
Alan I. Rauchwarger, O.D.
Diana Rauchwarger, R.N.
David Ray
Retina Associates
Janelle Routhier, O.D., F.A.O.O.
Curtis C. Schmidt, O.D.
Schneider Eye & Wellness Center
Timothy Schneider, M.D.
Brian L. Schwam, M.D.
Steven H. Schwartz, M.D.
Charlene Seidel
Rajesh Shetty, M.D.
Sight N’ Style Optical
Ronald Singal, M.D.
Sheldon Singal, M.D.
St. Johns Eye Associates
James A. Staman, M.D.
Jonathan Staman, M.D.
Kelly Tesoro
Miranda Thompson
ValuVision – Beauclerc/Mandarin
ValuVision – Callahan
ValuVision – Orange Park
ValuVision – Regency
Volunteers In Medicine
VSP Mobile Clinic
Michael Vuong, O.D.
The Way Free Medical Clinic
Amanda Weitzen, O.D.
Jerome Weitzen, O.D.
John D. Wilcox, M.D.
Chandra Williams, O.D.
Tawnya Wilson, M.D.

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