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Children in Northeast Florida are less likely to succeed in school without proper diagnoses and treatment of vision issues.

80% of all learning during a child’s first 12 years of life is obtained through vision.

Research suggests 1 in 4 children have vision issues that are significant enough to affect learning.

Children may not know they are seeing incorrectly, making it difficult for parents or teachers to know there is a vision issue, which is why vision screenings are especially important.  Early detection is critical to identify such issues as amblyopia and strabismus, that can cause permanent vision loss if not corrected in early childhood.

That is why Vision Is Priceless screens over 42,000 children ages 3-18 every year at preschools, independent schools, head start centers, and many more locations. Vision Is Priceless screeners also educate children about ways they can protect their sight and avoid eye injuries during sports or play activities. VIP’s Children’s Screening Program is eager to screen at your school! We will come to schools of almost any size. If you are interested, email us or call our Program Coordinator at 904.503.2423.

Want to learn more about the importance of vision screening and signs of potential vision issues? Download this importance of vision screening flyer.

Parents, what you need to know about Vision Is Priceless screenings:

Before the screening:

Be sure your child attends school on the day of the screening.

If your child wears glasses/contacts, be sure they wear them to school.

Let the school know if you do NOT want your child screened.

Review our FAQ.

If your child passes the screening:

You will NOT receive a vision screening report from Vision Is Priceless, but we will share the results with the school.

If you child is referred for a full eye exam:

You will receive a vision screening report from Vision Is Priceless.

Make an appointment with an eye doctor. If you don’t know who to go to, talk to your child’s pediatrician.

Give the vision screening report to your eye doctor.

Share the status of your child’s follow-up care with Vision Is Priceless by visiting our online form, calling 904.308.2020, or mailing the vision screening report back to our office.

Many insurance plans will cover an eye exam. Check with the insurance company to verify.

If finances are a concern and you do NOT have insurance or Medicaid, see if you qualify for access to vision care services through Vision Is Priceless, which provides your child with a free eye exam and if prescribed, glasses.

Review our Children’s Referral Brochure.

Review our FAQ.

Contact us if you have additional questions.

Vision Is Priceless wants to make sure EVERY child we screen and refer gets the care they need, so we are always happy to help in any way possible.

Want to have an upcoming screening at your school? What you need to know:

Vision Is Priceless makes it simple to have vision screening in your school!

Contact us to schedule your screening.

Once your screening is scheduled, Vision Is Priceless will send you log in information to enter our school zone website, then follow the instructions.

Notify the parents about the upcoming screening.

Recruit volunteers to help if needed.

Give Vision Is Priceless the list of children to be screened.

The day of the screening, set up a room with the requested number of tables and chairs.

After the screening, encourage parents to take their child to the eye doctor if they received a referral letter. Also assist our screeners with follow up when needed.

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