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Normal effects of aging, family history, occupational, and environmental factors can all contribute to vision problems. Every year, Vision Is Priceless provides visual acuity screenings for thousands of adults, helping to identify a number of eye problems before they significantly impact their sight. Staff and volunteers also attend health fairs and other First Coast events to help protect the community’s vision through eye care education and injury prevention programs.

Vision screening is so important as HALF of all blindness can be prevented. Our vision screenings do not replace a visit to an eye doctor, but instead serve as a resource for early detection of vision problems.

How can I get a screening?

Vision Is Priceless holds public screenings at partner organizations throughout Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, and Baker counties. Find the next public screening.

Extended Outreach Program

Through generous grants from The Florida Blue Foundation, Sontag Foundation, and The Riverside Hospital Foundation, Vision Is Priceless is expanding our vision screening and vision care services into Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, and Baker Counties.

Vision Is Priceless is partnering with health service organizations in these communities to provide screenings for their uninsured and underserved patients. Partners include:

The Way Free Medical Clinic – Green Cove Springs, FL

The Wildflower Clinic – St. Augustine, FL

Barnabas – Fernandina, FL

If you are interested in receiving vision screening through the Extended Outreach Program, you must be a patient of one of the above clinic’s. Contact the clinic in your area to see if you qualify for their program.

Vision Screening FAQ

How long does a screening take?
Roughly 15 minutes from start to finish.

What happens at a screening?
You will take a visual acuity test, which will approximate your ability to see letters far away (nearsightedness) and close up (farsightedness). If you fail the screening, the Vision Is Priceless trained screener will refer you to see an eye doctor.

What if I am referred to an eye doctor, but I do not have insurance?
Vision Is Priceless provides follow up vision care for those in our community who have no insurance or the financial means to receive proper care.

Find out if you qualify here.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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