Our First Mobile Vision Unit Client 

Published June 8, 2017 by Vision Is Priceless

People don’t often pay attention on how to be happy in everyday life, but that is not the case of Cinthia. Cinthia lights up the room with her friendliness and her smile. Cinthia was the first client to use our brand-new Mobile Vision Unit. This was also Cinthia’s second time going through our program and she couldn’t stop gushing about how we have improved our services from a couple years ago. She mentioned how everybody on our staff has always been so attentive, but now we are faster in the way we are processing and helping our clients get their glasses within a few weeks. Vision Is Priceless provides free vision services to those who qualify in the Northeast Florida area.  We try to serve as many people as possible; and we are happy to see happy people value our service.

Cinthia is hoping to go back to school this fall, and can now see her future a little more clearly.