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Give and Go 100 is your chance to get the best deal on Jaguars tickets in town while supporting Vision Is Priceless! For every ticket you purchase to any of the Jaguars 2018 preseason and regular season home games through the secure Give and Go 100 site, VIP will receive a donation for up to $30 per ticket sold!


Tickets are available for every 2018 home game directly through Give and Go 100.

Please note, each ticket purchased through VIP’s Paypal links above will donate the maximum amount of $30 to Vision Is Priceless. Tickets purchased through the Give and Go link below will donate $10 to VIP.

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* We have Jacksonville Jaguars home game ticket packages for the 2018-19 season. If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please email Jami at


VIP would like to thank The Give and Go 100 Program for their continued support of the nonprofit community.  The program is a partnership of the Nonprofit Center, the Jacksonville JaguarsThe Jaguars Foundation, the DuBow Family Foundation, and 

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