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Vision Is Priceless, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, annually provides vision screenings and eye exams for more than 45,000 children and adults living in Northeast Florida. Our programs and services are free to those in need of quality vision care. We are funded through the generosity of the community. Our primary source of funding comes from individual gifts, grants, foundations, and fundraising events.

Donations Help With:

• $500 Provides 100 children a free vision screening

• $250 Provides clinical supplies for a 15-patient clinic (includes dilation drops and dilation protective glasses)

• $100 Cost to Provide One Comprehensive Eye Exam (Department of Health)

• $75 Purchases 75 reading glasses

• $50 Provides a pair of prescription glasses

• $5 Provides a vision screening for early detection of eye disease for a child

We would appreciate your investment in our nonprofit. To make a tax-deductible gift you can make a contribution online through PayPal or WeGive.Org. You may also send a check to our address listed below.


Send a check to:

Vision Is Priceless Council, Inc.
4615 Philips Highway #100A
Jacksonville, FL 32207

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