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The Path Toward Vision HealthPublished November 10, 2017 by Anna Ulyanenkova, VIP Program Coordinator

“As the sun rose on Saturday, November 4, 2017, Vision Is Priceless’ supporters, community partners, and family and friends gathered in Riverside Park for the inaugural Strides for Sight Awareness Walk. The event, a free, family and pet-friendly 2-mile walk presented by Florida Eye Specialists, saw over 200 kids and adults come together to bring awareness to the importance of vision health.” Continue reading

Project SEE BlogPublished September 22, 2017 by Anna Ulyanenkova, VIP Program Coordinator

“Receiving a quality eye exam through Project SEE provides individuals with the opportunity to improve their lives. Something as simple as a pair of glasses can improve a person’s ability to live independently, drive a car, read a job application, or return to school or work. For some, receiving an eye exam at J&J changes their entire quality of life.” Continue reading

Meet Ashlee BrownPublished August 2, 2017 by Anna Ulyanenkova, VIP Program Coordinator

Check out our interview with VIP Intern Ashlee Brown to learn more about her background, her experience with visual impairment, and her goals and ambitions! Continue reading

Mobile Vision UnitPublished July 7, 2017 by Anna Ulyanenkova, VIP Program Coordinator

“The most exciting part about this unit is that the possibilities are endless. Thus far, we have provided close to thirty exams and glasses for some extremely grateful people that are now on their way to ‘seeing’ a better future.” Continue reading

2016-2017 Annual MeetingPublished June 12, 2017 by Anna Ulyanenkova, VIP Program Coordinator

Last Thursday, June 8, Vision Is Priceless hosted its 2016-2017 Annual Meeting. The event highlighted our agency’s success over the past year and honored valued supporters of VIP’s mission. Continue reading

Arlington Lions Club (1)Published January 26, 2017 by Vision Is Priceless

“It is wonderful when we can help younger people because 80 percent of learning is visual, and [if they can’t see properly] they have a tendency to lag behind. When that happens, they become indifferent to learning, so it is important to head that off before it happens.” Continue reading

Executive Director Corner (1)Published January 26, 2017 by Jami Gaff Bueker, VIP Executive Director

“In 2017, we are looking forward to increasing access to our sight saving programs through monthly clinics, where volunteer doctors provide comprehensive eye exams to 10-15 clients in a day at one of our partner locations…In May, we will be providing even more exams on the St.Vincent’s/Vision Is Priceless mobile unit.” Continue reading

GIFT OF SIGHTPublished December 22, 2017 by Vision Is Priceless

“This is my favorite thing of the year,” Levenson said. “I get to restore sight to people who otherwise couldn’t get it done. I’ve been doing this now for 25 years, and it’s a community-wide project. Many doctors and nurses donate their time. It’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us to get together and remember what we’re really all about.” Continue reading

WORLD SIGHT DAYA Truly Global ExperiencePublished October 21, 2016 by Vision Is Priceless

“We see a lot of children (back home), but the ones we see have bad problems. There are children with just intermediate problems who would benefit from us having the Spot…I have seen a technology I can recommend to my hospital and government. The initial cost is about $7,000, but the number of people to benefit from it is in the hundreds of thousands.” Continue reading

Chalkboard_DonateNow-1024x292 Published October 3, 2016 by Vision Is Priceless

In case you missed it, Vision Is Priceless has put forth a strong effort over the past few months to grow its brand through multiple marketing channels. Click here to learn more about our marketing campaign and view our new 30-second television commercial!